Q: When will construction end?

A: Construction is anticipated to be complete by fall 2019.

Q: How will traffic be handled during construction?

A: We expect to have all travel lanes open during the morning and evening commutes to minimize delays during construction. 

Q: When will the traffic signals at Rind Road and Stillwater Drive be installed? 

A: The five-lane road has to be constructed before the traffic signals can be installed at these locations. They are expected to be operational by fall 2019.

Q: What is a Continuous-Flow Intersection (CFI)?

A: Continuous Flow Intersection, also known as a Displaced Left Turn, is an at-grade intersection which allows opposing left-hand turns and through traffic to occur at the same time with one signal. Please refer to the visual below for more information.






Phase 1:

Lefts "crossover" before the intersection


Phase 2:

Lefts are free to go at the same time as the through movement

Q: Will noise walls be put up as part of this project?

A: A noise study was completed, and noise walls will not be installed as part of this project.

Q: Will traffic signals go in at other intersections?


A: According to UDOT policy, an intersection must meet certain criteria to warrant a new traffic signal. A new signal will be built at Fairway Boulevard in summer 2019. The 400 South intersection is close to meeting the criteria. Infrastructure will be installed at these intersections as part of this project.

Q: Who is funding this project?

A: The project will be funded through federal funds.

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